How to place an order on

We welcome you and look forward to assisting you. Read below to order from Placing an order on is quick simple and secure. Just follow these 7 simple steps
Browse through our collection to select the
product you like. Select the colour and size you want in that product.
To purchase a product, click on the Add to
e-shopping cartbuy nowicon.
You will now to be taken to the shopping
cart page.This will show you the products that are in your cart. You can either
choose to shop for more products or you can click on thecheckouticon.
This will now take you to the login page.
If you already have an account, just sign in. If you are a new visitor, select
register with us for future use. You just need to fill in our short sign up
form and continue with the order after accepting the terms and conditions.
On signing in, you will be routed to our
payment options page, here you can select from various Credit card options.
On selection of your preferred credit card
option, you would be directed to the confirmation page where you have to click
on to confirm the order. On confirmation you would be directed to the
payment page where you can fill in various payment and billing details. Now sit
back and wait, while we do what we do best, deliver your shoes as soon as