How to place an order on
We welcome you and look forward to assisting you. Read below
to order from Placing an order on is
quick simple and secure. Just follow these 7 simple steps
Browse through our collection to select the product you
like. Select the colour and size you want in that product.
To purchase a product, click on the Add to e-shopping
cartbuy nowicon.
You will now to be taken to the shopping cart page.This will
show you the products that are in your cart. You can either choose to shop for
more products or you can click on thecheckouticon.
This will now take you to the login page. If you already
have an account, just sign in. If you are a new visitor, select register with
us for future use. You just need to fill in our short sign up form and continue
with the order after accepting the terms and conditions.
On signing in, you will be routed to our payment options
page, here you can select from various Credit card options.
On selection of your preferred credit card option, you would
be directed to the confirmation page where you have to click on to confirm the
On confirmation you would be directed to the payment page
where you can fill in various payment and billing details. Now sit back and
wait, while we do what we do best, deliver your shoes as soon as possible.


Hesitant to buy a shoe without trying its fit? Read on to
know your right size.<div >
Can I buy shoes online without trying them out?
Buying shoes online without trying them on is not a problem
if you know your size correctly. This is because in India, almost every shoe
company follows a standard sizing system.

What is my shoe size?

If you are not sure about your shoe size follow the chart
below and pick the size that suits you the best.
Size reference chart for Men
CM Size
Euro size
US size
Indian/UK Size
24.0 38 5.0 4.0
24.7 39 6.0 5.0
25.3 40 7.0 6.0
26.0 41 8.0 7.0
26.7 42 9.0 8.0
27.3 43 10.0 9.0
28.0 44 11.0 10.0
28.7 45 12.0 11.0
29.3 46 13.0 12.0
Size reference chart for Women
CM Size
Euro size
US size
Indian/UK Size
22.0 35 4.0 2.0
22.7 36 5.0 3.0
23.3 37 6.0 4.0
24.0 38 7.0 5.0
24.7 39 8.0 6.0
25.3 40 9.0 7.0
26.0 41 10.0 8.0
26.7 42 11.0 9.0
Size reference chart for Kids
CM Size
Euro size
US size
Indian/UK Size
14.0 23 6.0 5.0
14.7 24 7.0 6.0
15.3 25 8.0 7.0
16.0 26 9.0 8.0
16.7 27 10.0 9.0
17.3 28 11.0 10.0
18.0 29 12.0 11.0
18.7 30 13.0 12.0
19.3 31 1.0 13.0
20.0 32 2.0 1.0
20.7 33 3.0 2.0
21.3 34 4.0 3.0

Can I return the shoe if it doesn't fit?

At Exotique Shoes we give you free replacement option in case
the shoe does not fit. Please check our return/replacement/refund policy below.
Are these prices equal to MRP? Is these any extra tax?
All prices are equal to the MRP retailed at the stores. All
prices mentioned on this site are final prices, inclusive of taxes in India.

Do you have a catalog?

Currently, we have a 'virtual' catalog. Our entire product
line is available online

How do I contact Metro Shoes?

You can email us at all emails
are replied to within 48 working hours. Please check the questions below as
they may be helpful also. Alternatively, click here to send your feedback


How can I return/replace a product?
The return/replacement/refund policy is customer friendly so
that you will feel more comfortable in making online buying decision.
Only unused merchandise will be eligible for return within 7
days from the date of receipt. No return/refund/replacement on SALE products.
You can return the merchandise either at our store or via
By store: If you wish to get a replacement (style or size),
the same will be allowed provided the store has the product you are looking for
as a replacement. If the replacement is not available, the store will issue a
Credit Note to enable you to seek replacement at a later date from any of the
Exotique Shoes stores.
By courier: If you prefer to return/replace the merchandise
by courier send us a mail at, specifying the reason for
return/replacement. Please mention your order number, date of purchase and mode
of payment.
Please return to us the unused merchandise in original
packing (Same box in which the merchandise was sent to you) for inspection.
Replacement, if available will be couriered to you or a credit note will be
available for unhampered products. Incase you wish to return the product, the
amount excluding the bank charges will be returned on approval from our Quality
Exotique Shoes will bear the cost of transferring back the
product. However you will have to bear the cost of sending the product to us.

What payment options do you have?

We accept:

a. Debit Cards
b. Credit Cards
c. Net Banking
d. Wallets
e. Cash Cards
f. Mobile Payment
g. UPI
h. Cash on Delivery
Pay securely with any of the following Credit Cards
Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?
If you're worried about using your credit card online, we
recommend you put your concerns to rest.
All online transactions on are
processed through Axis Bank.
Axis Bank is a certified, Indian company, providing payment services
to websites around the world.
Security is critical for all parties where online
transactions are concerned and Axis Bank ensures that you have no worries on
this front as you transact in the cyberspace.


How long will it take to deliver my shoes?
It takes us 7 working days to deliver your products all
across India.
How can I track my order?
Your order status will be available 24 hours after your
order has been placed, by simply clicking on the "My Account" link at
the top right corner of every page of our site. From there, you will be able to
view information about your order.
Incase you have not registered, click on "order
status" which is on the top right of the Homepage and check your order by
giving the order id.
The order can also be checked through our logistic partner,
Blue Dart by either calling the toll free number or visiting their website
through a link provided by Metro Shoes to visit Blue Dart and track your
delivery. For this you will need the courier POD number which will be sent on
the email id provided by you.
What do you charge for shipping the order?
Currently there are no shipping charges involved when you
place the order. Enjoy the service while our Free Shipping Promotion is on.
What are the transfer charges to return/replace the product?
In order to make the return/refund replacement policy, Metro
Shoes will bear the cost of reverse pick up and transferring back the product
to you.
Is the shipping service available outside India?
This service is currently available only in India. However,
International shoppers who wish to get the products delivered outside India can
do so by paying the International courier charges separately.
Is it possible to inform me when you start international
Yes, please send us your email Id on
with a subject line - INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING
International shoppers who wish to get the products
delivered outside India can do so by paying the International courier charges separately.